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We have the  knowledge, wisdom and  experience to know what works and what doesn’t. We have organised projects for some of the world’s leading companies and worked on a range of innovative interventions. Some of our recent or current projects are below.


Amplifon is the global leader in hearing care solutions business, operating in 22 Countries with 12.000 employees. In January 2016, in Barcelona, we held our annual Senior Management Meeting, involving all Regional and Country leaders as well all Corporate Officers.

This edition was particularly crucial, given the intensity of the transformation in the industry, the new Group Strategic Plan with revived ambitions and aspirations of growth and a largely renewed senior management team, including the newly appointed CEO.

We had a mix of content driven sessions (strategy, organization alignment) and a full-day session dedicated to “working together as leaders” in the new business and organizational context.

We asked Oliver Perkins to facilitate this session. It was the first time we have worked together and I must say it was an amazing collaboration. Oliver was able to create very rapidly a high level of energy and openness as well a path blending unconventional engagement and focused learning conversations. Some country leaders spontaneously asked Oliver to have a follow up in their own countries together with their Management Teams. We are still leveraging on some key learnings to build new initiatives and ideas.
It was a terrific booster for smoothly reshaping the leadership culture in our Group.

Giovanni Caruso,
Chief HR Officer, Amplifon Group


IBM Central Europe & Baltic Delivery Center management wanted to implement a series of activities meant to enhance the leadership skills for the center senior managers. As part of this initiative, we collaborated with Brainovate and organized an interactive and relaxing workshop that enabled the participants to enhance the leadership capabilities and assess additional ones to be developed.

The workshop was structured in several, innovative modules that helped generating ideas for developing new leadership and communication skills.

The feedback was very constructive; the facilitator managed to keep everyone focused through a unique approach, out of the box thinking and a good sense of humor.

It was a valuable experience!

Hary Olaru,
Director, CE & Baltic Delivery Center


Headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, Molson Coors Central Europe (formerly StarBev) is the leading brewing group in Central Europe. The business has over 4,000 employees and brewing operations in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. In addition, it also has operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Slovakia. Molson Coors Central Europe is the clear market leader in four of the countries in the region and enjoys a strong number two or three position in all of its other markets.

Molson Coors Central Europe maintains a rich product portfolio of over 20 brands including leading local brands Staropramen, Borsodi, Kamenitza, Bergenbier, Ozujsko, Jelen and Niksicko, supplemented by a rich portfolio of other popular local brands as well as international premium brands such as Beck´s, Hoegaarden, Leffe, Lowenbrau and Stella Artois, brewed or distributed under license. Staropramen, the original Czech lager, is available in more than 30 countries worldwide.

In a highly competitive business we demand high standards of leadership at all levels in our organisation. We have worked and continue to work with Oliver Perkins of Brainovate. His international experience coupled with exceptional feedback from participants on his Legacy Leadership programme means that he has undoubtedly contributed to our success. We would have no hesitation in recommending him to other organisations, which require world class standards of facilitation.

Marilen Kennington,
Head of legal and HR. Molson Coors Europe


British American Tobacco has regularly worked with Oliver Perkins for over ten years now and he has provided us with excellent programmes tailored to the needs of our organisation. Recently he has delivered two of our Global Growth Academy initiatives designed to develop leadership capabilties in our future managers. However, he has worked at all levels within our organisation including our Extended and Operational leadership teams.

Over the years Brainovate’s dynamic trainers have facilitated Coaching, Strength Deployment Inventory certification courses and Legacy Leadership® programmes. All of which had very good feedback from over 200 participants at all levels in our leadership pipeline. This is, in part, due to the methodology of experiential learning that allows attendees to interact and reflect while developing new skills and knowledge that can be applied to their individual roles.

Moreover, throughout their programmes they have also provided one on one coaching and feedback sessions which was highly appreciated by all participants. Brainovate places value on fun and passion and know how to get the best from people. I would, without question, recommend Brainovate to companies demanding international standards of facilitation.

Marinela Tanase,
Head of HR British American Shared Services


The EMEA management wanted to reward our local team for the successes  over the year.  We asked Brainovate to design a relaxed and fun programme that would highlight the above and also offer participants a voice to make contributions that would build on that success. They met with senior management and agreed that the solution was a workshop based upon Oracle’s “success competencies”. The activities endorsed the team’s achievements and the innovative modules proved valuable in generating ideas and moving communication processes forward. An excellent experience!

Carol James,
Director EMEA Business Operations Oracle


Sorouh (now part of Aldar) is one of the largest real estate Developers in the Middle East with, at the time of writing, 5.6 billion dollars of projects that are under construction or contracted. We are proud to contribute to the future of Abu Dhabi and work closely with the AD government and its vision for the future as laid out in their strategic development document Plan Abu Dhabi 2030.

We asked Oliver Perkins of Brainovate to work with our international sales and marketing teams on our departmental communication and strategy plans. His informal, engaging and fun workshops were highly appreciated and the feedback was excellent. He had the natural ability to connect and engage with a highly experienced multicultural audience . He is a true professional who added real value to our business.

Paul Middleton,
Executive Director Sales and Marketing Aldar


PwC has worked with Oliver Perkins of Brainovate during a 6 month coaching programme for one of our practice leaders. His approach and work was of high standing and integrity. Brainovate’s involvement has lead to measurable improvement. Oliver’s enthusiastic style, his strong communication and professional coaching skills combined with a commitment to success made this cooperation work out very well for PwC.

Peter de Ruiter,
Partner, Tax and Legal Services leader PwC


KWS ranks among the world‘s leading plant breeding companies employing over 3,000 people and is represented in 70 countries. We concentrate on the development of innovative seeds for the needs of a rapidly changing society and are committed to sustainable agriculture. For the past 3 years we have worked exclusively with Brainovate on our team development, leadership and sales needs and given the excellent feedback we will continue to do so in the near future.

Their dynamism , expertise and out of the box thinking make Brainovate truly unique. Their desire to listen and understand coupled with their innovative ideas has meant they now have a thorough understanding of how our business functions and consequently this has had a dramatic impact on our company culture and results.

Doriana Nitu,
Country Manager


MOL Česká republika is a part MOL Group, one of the European´s leading international oil and gas companies with presence in over 40 countries and almost 29,000 employees. MOL Group operates 4 refineries in Slovakia, Hungary, Italy and Croatia and more than 1 700 service stations in Central and Eastern Europe. The main activities of MOL Czech Republic are aimed at the wholesale and distribution of fuels and further refinery products.

We recently united 4 different brands on the Czech market, after the acquisitions of Lukoil and ENI in 2015 and PAP Oil in 2014. After the merger of the 4 companies last year, renaming also the former Slovnaft Česká to MOL Česká, we decided it was high time to bring people together in one place, to jointly spend some quality time celebrating the successful year passed. It was really the first time when we organized a Get “Together as One” event, as motto of the teambuilding, to get to know each other better, to also welcome our newly appointed CEO, and celebrate all we have realized during the difficult integration, post-acquisition period.

We got support from a truly professional coach, who led us into working together as one team, sharing valuable experiences and improving our collaboration. We ultimately became one single ship, with Oliver Perkins orchestrating the whole 200 person event. It was truly amazing, considering colleagues were for their first time together as teams outside their normal working environment, and it was the perfect moment to open up conversations, to break down barriers and boost the team spirit. After a two day endeavor, people could realize how perfectly they can work together, and how good it feels to discover we all have the same strengths and goals, and that we can achieve great things as One Team!
We are still talking now of the truly amazing event, which has glued our team and set the foundation of our future success story on the Czech market!

Carmen BECKER,
Corporate Center Manager