Joe Strummer, singer

What gets us out of bed in the morning? Why do we do what we do? What’s our purpose? Questions we all have thought about from time to time. For us at Brainovate the answer is simple ”to help leaders make a noticeable difference”. In increasingly complex times simple is good! Simple works!

Everyday we strive to make a difference, with every client conversation and at every stage in our process. We do this by injecting passion were it’s missing, having a little fun when it’s called for and aiming at being surprising and courageous in the solutions we offer. These four values drive our business. It’s what makes us unique and what steers our „Why”.

Our clients come to us because they have a problem to solve, new performance levels to reach or a process to improve. We „make a difference” by challenging their thinking, giving them a push in a different direction or by providing the facilitated space and expertise so they can work out solutions for themselves. It means giving them 110 percent and not settling for anything less …..Making a difference can, sometimes, be as simple as that.