Nelson Mandela, statesman

We know how difficult it is to do business in these challenging times. So we try to make things easier. Our experience working with leading brands in emerging markets allows us to follow cutting edge business trends and make it relevant for all our clients. It’s another one of the reasons why they love working with us.

Our solutions don’t come „ready made” nor „off-the-shelf” and we certainly don’t tell you what you need before we explore, in depth, what the issue really is. We realise that sometimes problem solving needs a bit of work so we think it makes sense to take time talking, thinking and exploring. Only then we will give you the solution that suits you, not us.

We do, of course, have some useful tools that help but these are always customised – so we decide together what works best for you. After all you know your business better than we do.

Development programmes, workshops and events we offer solutions for include:

– Leadership
– Innovation and problem solving
– Teambuilding
– Strategy, vision and values development
– Personality and motivational profiling
– Coaching and feedback
– Communication and presentations
– Change and conflict management
– Sales and negotiations