Fred Allen, social commentator

So everyone has a story. I’m Oliver Perkins, founder of Brainovate, and this is mine.

It’s about the foundations of where Brainovate is today and where we will be in the future. It will give you an idea of who I am, the values that drive our business and why clients work with us.

I grew up the 70′s in Belfast with the sound of conflict and The Clash reverberating in my ears. It was this backdrop and punk ethos that inspired in me a “do it yourself ” attitude and the need to be forever challenging the status quo. With this in mind I left Ireland full of passion and a desire to experience life and to learn as much about people and society as humanly possible.

I started my first company when I was 18 so I suppose „brands and business” have always been in my blood. Over the next 30 years I acquired a bucket load of useful leadership, strategy and innovation knowledge having set up and worked in numerous companies in event management, publishing, business development and education.

I didn’t realise it at the time but as a DJ and concert promoter I learned the importance of „reading” an audience & building rapport, as a salesman I learned how to listen to people, understand what they needed and help them find solutions, and as a teacher, coach and facilitator I learned how to motivate and engage others.

During this time I also noticed how organisations don’t always harness the creative energy of their people and I questioned why they don’t bring out the best in them.

In an effort to find inspiration and some answers to these questions I have backpacked half way round the world and travelled or worked in 5 continents.

I have a degree in Sociology from Durham University. I’m also an SDI, Fast Track and Legacy Leadership certified facilitator. So I hope, by now, I’m just about qualified to do what I do!!

Over the years I have been called a maverick, a mentor, an innovator and lots of other stuff in between. At Brainovate I work with an amazing group of like minded and talented professionals. I’ve been lucky enough to coach some truly amazing leaders, work with lots of inspirational teams and to help develop incredible brands.

I never settled for the ordinary. I’ve always lived life to the full, always demanding more of myself and those I work with – And I’ve always wanted to help make a real difference to the businesses and to the people I meet along the way. Of course that’s not always easy but, life’s too short not to have fun trying.