Legacy Leadership – old

27-29 November 2019
Facilitated in English and Romanian

How do you want to be remembered?

As a leader with or without a heart?

Legacy Leadership is the wisdom of the ages structured and packaged for today’s – and tomorrow’s – leaders.

Its truths and 5 Best Practices are timeless, proven keys to sustained significance – and form the foundation of real-time legacy in today’s business environment.

Legacy Leadership is a complete programme – a philosophy, a process and a model. It is not a leadership style – it is a life system and a way of “being” not just “doing”. It puts people, not just results, at the centre of everything.

It is leadership with a heart.

Legacy Leadership is about LIVING your legacy, not just leaving it.

Who is it for?

  • Leaders who believe in a balanced approach to people and results
  • Individuals and organizations who believe work should be fun and enjoyable
  • Those who want to inspire others and seek inspiration for themselves
  • Those who are ready to change their attitude and self-limiting beliefs
  • Those who want a proven and practical leadership system that sets a clear direction,
  • grows leaders and leaves a meaningful footprint in the hearts and minds of others

The 5 BEST PRACTICES at a glance

Holder of Vision and Values

It’s about direction and commitment

Creator of Collaboration and Innovation

It’s about the
environment of
working relationships

Influencer of Inspiration and Leadership

It’s about connecting with individuals, the heart of relationships

Advocator of Differences and Communiy

It’s about distinction
and inclusion

Calibrator of Responsibility and Accountability

It’s about execution
and performance

How we do things

Based upon the best selling book by Sandstrom and Smith, this is participant centric learning with a mix of individual reflection, group sharing and co-learning, agile and autonomous thinking, disruptive discussions, design thinking elements towards innovation. We use group exercises and coaching, case studies and reflective videos, individual and group feedback, as well as powerful global self-assessments. You’ll explore the 5 powerful legacy best practices as a road map for your success. The 5 best Practices – Attitudes, Behaviours and Competencies

Alina Bănescu
Oliver Perkins

Tailored training details

All our tailored programmes are facilitated either in English or Romanian by experienced facilitators. An in-company programme can last between 5-10 days and we tailor Legacy Leadership to fit your specific business context. We are an email away if you’d like to develop a programme for your team or across the organisation.