Let’s Rock! Leadership

Let’s Rock! Leadership is an interactive experiential workshop for lovers of music and leaders/managers at all levels and from all disciplines. So if you love music and you love to lead let’s rock leadership is for you.

We use real life examples and case studies primarily from world of rock and pop music as a leadership reference point and source of inspiration.

Music, in all its forms, has become a genuinely universal language. It pervades our lives in ways that we couldn’t even imagine 50 years ago. It has the capacity to unite, to move hearts and minds, and even change the world. Let’s Rock! Leadership is about exploring your leadership through the characters, songs and stories of this all persuasive world.


The modern guitar has 6 strings - E A D G B and E.

We’ve used these strings as a framework for your leadership journey. Just like the six strings of a guitar your leadership’s strings all need to be in tune and work together.

The workshop is interactive and participant focused.You will be encouraged to have fun, share your experiences, step outside your comfort zone and work on your leadership competencies and attitudes, associated with each “string” or practice.

The six Let's Rock strings
What you’ll learn

E - Stands for EnergyYou’ll learn to become more confident and improve your leadership presence.

A - Stands for AttitudeYou’ll learn what it means to have real influence and lets rock attitude when leading teams.

D - Stands for DirectionYou’ll learn about leadership vision, goals and how to achieve them.

G - Stands for GrowthYou’ll learn to work collaboratively on your leadership development.

B - Stands for BeliefYou’ll learn what’s really important in your leadership.

E - Stands for EngagementYou’ll learn how to connect and engage with others in the ”audience”.

Skills and activities

Presentation and storytelling skills

You’ll have an opportunity to practice both in a safe and supportive space.

Collaboration skills

You’ll work together in a professional recording studio and perform your own lets rock song.

Feedback skills

You’ll take part in one on one feedback sessions on your performance.

Influencing skills

You’ll share articles and videos as well as discussing how leadership really works for let’s rock leaders.

Goal Setting skills

You’ll have powerful “me time” sessions on where you want to be and what you want to achieve in life and leadership

Communication skills

Your confidence levels will grow through a series of voice and body language exercises.

Music, like leadership, is about feelings and emotions, as the father of emotional intelligence Daniel Goleman says,

“The primary goal of a leader is to trigger good feelings in people.”

The purpose of this Let’s Rock is to be practical, fun and interactive with lots of activities and discussions, with a minimum of theory.

Ultimately the workshop is about you what’s important to you, how you present yourself and your relationship with others.


Oliver Perkins

Oliver has had a lifelong love for music. After graduating from University of Durham he has travelled the world, worked in many areas, from event management, publishing to business development and education to DJing and concert promotion, gaining diverse experience and skills.

From his punk-rock roots to the life on-the-road as a DJ or promoting concerts, music has always been close to his heart. He believes that leaders can learn as much from the world of music as from other sources and experiences.

He is an accomplished facilitator and coach with an extensive, global client list. He delivers workshops on a range of leadership and team development solutions. His innovative, yet coherent off-the-wall approach has been instrumental in changing and growing leadership culture.

If you’re looking for a leadership programme that is disruptive, meaningful and powerful this just be for you.

So turn up the volume, take that step and Let’s Rock Leadership!

2-4th December 2019

Fee: 1600 Euro + VAT / person
Group offers available.

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