Leadership Wellness

Why leadership wellness?

Companies understand the competitive advantage of healthy leadership at all levels in an organization. Brainovate are the only company who provide an integrated approach to Wellness for leaders at all levels.  Our approach provides analysis trough consultancy and assessment, strategy development, coaching and corporate wellness activities to ensure that wellness becomes 100% part of your leadership culture.

What is leadership wellness?

Leadership Wellness is much more than putting bowl of fruit, anti-stress massages and gym memberships. Leadership Wellness is integrated in the essence of leadership attitudes and behaviours and focuses on all 7 pillars:  emotional, intellectual, spiritual, financial, environmental, social as well as physical. It becomes a way of leading.

How do we do it?

Apart from initial leadership conversations and consultancy, we are the only company to carry out an online wellness assessment on the health of your company. We give you a detailed report: for individuals and also company-wide, as well as a full report on the results and key improvement area. We provide support, feedback, follow-up as well as leadership development training. Our process is based upon detailed evidence and research and is guaranteed to create lasting change.

The benefits associated with Employee Wellbeing (for company and employees):

  • Reduced healthcare costs with less sick days
  • More motivated and engaged employees
  • Better retention and talent acquisition
  • Less stress generated by work and social relationships
  • Increased spirit team and communication on all levels through wellness activities
  • Connects leaders with the employees
  • Increased productivity, focus and efficiency
  • Decreased absenteeism and presenteeism levels
  • Builds and sustains high employee morale
  • Improved health and happiness
  • Expanded alignment with company goals and company culture
  • Increased brand recognition

Advantages of the WellBeing assessment (HRA  health risk assessment)/wellness questionnaire:

  • Measures the leadership health of you organization
  • Is applicable to a broad range of individuals
  • Individual assessments take only a few minutes to complete
  • It helps you understand and manage your health
  • It assists you in determining priorities and achieving goals by balancing all aspects of life – work, play, fitness, nutrition, personal and professional relationships
  • Taking this assessment can help you identify areas of wellness where you’re doing well, as well as those areas that may need more attention
  • This tool will help you to reflect on components of health that you may not have considered before
  • It helps to design a wellness program evidence based on and customized to meet the needs of each employer
  • It can be applied at the beginning of a leadership wellness program and also at the end of it to generate reports

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