About Us

BrainovateTM has clear guiding principles
that inform our approach…


We’re infiltrators

We can’t make change happen from ‘without’. We want to immerse ourselves in your organisation to understand it, know your people and help you find the leaders within.


We’re disruptors

We aim to take you out of your comfort zone to question and challenge and find better ways. We’re not the type of people who stay in our boxes; we think outside them and challenge you to do the same.


We’re playmates

Young children learn best through play and adults do too, except we call it ‘experiential learning’. Guiding, facilitating, watching and learning together, we can create real and lasting change.


We’rewith you

We’re not a ‘report, recommend and walk away’ business; we’re right there with you, from before the start until after the end, standing over our work.



Founder and Managing Director, Oliver Perkins is the driving force behind Brainovate™. His is no ordinary ‘booted and suited’ story, however, his life has been a voyage that reflects the innovative, daring, passionate and action-oriented personality he injects into his company.

Oliver grew up in 1970s, conflict-riven Belfast, in an epoch of punk rock anarchy, industrial action, and supersonic flights that moulded him as an original thinker with a bit of a maverick streak. Oliver started his first company when he was eighteen, so brands and business have always been in his blood. Since then he has travelled the world, worked in many arenas, from event management, publishing, business development and education to DJing and concert promotion, gaining diverse experience, skills and attributes.

Oliver has a degree in Sociology from Durham University and is an SDI, Fast Track and Legacy Leadership certified facilitator.



Alina, whose career has been focused on human resources consulting, executive coaching and organisational development, is Managing Partner at BrainovateTM. She has been involved with various entrepreneurial projects in trade, marketing and PR. She has an impressive range of management development and team building qualifications and worked with professional development organisations for several years before joining Brainovate™. Alina is also Managing Director of PSP Romania – Moldova – Poland, specialising in SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory), a motivational profiling tool considered by companies worldwide as ‘the manual for working with people’. Alina is a natural problem solver and communicator and her favourite question is “How can we do this better?” She has recently published her first book of children’s stories.

Alina has an honours degree in economics and an MA in marketing and business communication, both from The Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest.



Certified Executive Coach Marilen Kenington spent fifteen years working in the Legal, Corporate Affairs and HR fields at local, regional and C-level for a multi-national corporation, being the only woman in the executive team. She is intimately acquainted with the challenges, pressures and rewards of such roles. During this time, she was strongly aware of how one can be helped by others to understand personal strengths and weaknesses and address both for positive growth. Being an executive coach is a dream come true for Marilen, who brings her long corporate experience, her coaching credentials and her passion for people growth, both personal and professional. She is especially passionate about working with women executives to help them reach their full potential.

Marilen holds a degree in Law from the Nicolae Titulescu Faculty of Law and International Affairs, a post-graduate degree in Public Relations from the University of Bucharest and has completed leadership programs at INSEAD, Wharton University and Antwerp School of Management. She is certified in Coaching for Performance and Purpose by Performance Consultants International.



Andy, a seasoned professional with over two decades in business consulting and tech, is an expert in nurturing high-performing teams from scratch. From Digital Transformation to Change Management, he’s the go-to guy, but at his core, he is all about the people—the joy of fostering talent and guiding them towards greatness.

While his childhood dream was teaching French, his passion for coaching and developing individuals took center stage. He exhibits a particular passion for partnering with tech industry experts and leaders, devoted to unlocking their maximum potential.

A child of the ’80s, a die-hard fan of ’90s music, and maybe a tad nostalgic for the 2000s, Andy’s cultural timeline is as diverse as his professional expertise. He holds a degree in Computer Science from Politehnica University of Bucharest, but his real passion lies in cultivating talent and making a lasting impact in the world of coaching and development.



Howard Dell is a man on a mission. An accomplished renaissance man. He’s had a lifetime of experience including being an Olympian, a professional Football and Basketball player, a world championship bronze medalist, a liver transplant recipient and a 8x Gold medalist and world record holder in the World Transplant games.

He is a distinguished coach in professional sports and sports training. Not to mention a celebrated film and TV personality. His musical performances stretch from professional musical theatre to semi finalist on “ The Voice” to performances with legendary music producer David Foster. Howard delivers inspirational trainings on Leadership, change, motivation and communication.