BrainovateTM solutions don’t come ‘off-the-shelf’, we work with you to find and tailor the right programme for your organisation. We have a comprehensive portfolio and extensive experience of working with major corporations, which yields insights into cutting-edge business trends. So, we’ll agitate, challenge and put forward solid and practical ideas; that’s exactly why our clients want to work with us.

In broad strokes we offer organisational, team and  leadership Development, training and coaching. Our main focus areas are

  • Leadership
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Leadership wellness and personal development
  • Team building
  • Team and motivational profiling
  • Organisational culture


Legacy Leadership®, is a complete development programme – a philosophy, process and model. It’s not just a leadership style, it’s a life system for success and a way of ‘being’, not just ‘doing’. Legacy Leadership® is about building people who will lead, inspire and grow themselves as they grow your business. This is not about leaving a legacy behind, it is about living your legacy in the present, every day.


Brainovate’s innovative programme is inspired by the words, songs and personalities from the world of rock music. The workshop answers the simple question “What can business leaders learn from the world of rock’n’roll?”. Let’s Rock Leadership is a personal branding exercise for leaders who want a fast paced interactive and memorable learning experience.